Friday, 22 April 2016

In brief: Land sea and air, Mining Recession over?, Dinner with Bradshaws

Land, Sea and Air
A couple of delegates have contacted me to tell of their post-Comminution '16 experiences. Grinding Solutions Ltd's Simon Bailey and his wife Tiffany were at Cape Point, and Tiffany tells me that she was "mugged" by a baboon. She gave no further details, and I do not know if the baboon was armed.
Chris Martin, of RSG Inc., USA, took to the sea on his final day, and sent me this great picture taken in Table Bay.
Barbara and I spent a week post-conference in Cape Town, and on Wednesday morning I took to the air during a one hour break in the heavy clouds that persisted during the day.
Apart from the leap off Signal Hill the tandem paraglide was a very serene experience, and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Cape Town. The landing area is at Sea Point, on the green opposite the Winchester Mansions Hotel - very convenient as this was where we stayed for the week!

Is the mining recession over?
Many analysts are predicting that metal prices have bottomed out, and that recovery is at last on its way, after recent data from China pointed to better-than-expected economic prospects. You can now keep abreast of 2-month trends in most of the important metals via MEI Online.
Dinner with the Bradshaws
Just a quick thank you to Dee and Mike Bradshaw for inviting us to dine with them last night at their beautiful apartment overlooking the Cape Town Waterfront. Dee is MEI's "Living Gold Ambassador" and is looking forward to Falmouth in June for Sustainable Minerals '16.


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