Sunday, 18 April 2021

No welcoming reception for comminution delegates this year unfortunately

April 18th and this afternoon we should have been welcoming our delegates to the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town for Comminution '21.

Welcoming reception at Comminution '18

Covid put paid to that unfortunately but we are not downcast as tomorrow begins our new adventure, MEI's first totally online event.

There is much to look forward to, particularity the novel networking sessions, which I shall report on tomorrow.

We have over 200 delegates from 22 countries already registered, and it is certainly not too late to register, as all presentations, and the panel discussion, will be available on demand for delegates for 6 months after the event.

I will be publishing brief updates daily on the blog and if you are attending the conference we would very much appreciate your comments, which will be of great value to us as we step onto the steep learning curve. If you are active on Twitter we also look forward to regular tweets, and I would be grateful if you could use the hashtag #Comminution21.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Have a nice evening, Barry and Team.
    We are all getting ready and I am sure it will be a success.Evening programme--next time double--

  2. Look forward to tomorrow, I'll have quick glass of wine this evening... My own sundowner!!

    1. A quick one! Take your time and have a bottle. Although that's perhaps what you meant.

      Catch up this week in your 'booth'.

  3. Wishing you all the best for a successful Comminution'21 conference. We'll have an extra special welcome reception at the next one.

    1. Thanks Rene. Maybe as well that we are online rather than in Cape Town, as the fires would have caused disruption, and the dinner at Kirstenbosch would have had to be cancelled!


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