Monday, 12 April 2021

New book: Of Earth, For Earth: The meaning of a mine

Of Earth, For Earth is a 116-page full-colour, hardcover book, consisting of dialogue between artists, community representatives, industrialists and educators.  It aims to inspire debate about human interactions with the Earth, while our consumption of resources grows ever larger and the environments on which we depend face an uncertain future.

The book is edited by Kathryn Moore, Dana Finch and Bridget Storrie, and is part of the dissemination strategy of the IMP@CT project, led by a science and engineering team at the Camborne School of Mines on the Cornwall campus of the University of Exeter, to build security into raw materials supply through mining. The European Union H2020 science and innovation programme funded the IMP@CT project under Societal Challenge 5: climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials.

The book arises from a unique interaction between artists and the mining world. The contributors intend to open conversations about our consumption of the Earth’s resources, recognising the inter-related and manifold issues. It highlights the dependence of society on mining to supply raw materials for the technologies that will combat climate change. It provides a space for all viewpoints, in the hope that through dialogue we can find solutions that are truly responsible and practicable. 


  1. RIGHT BOOK AT THE RIGHT TIME--so happy that all stakeholders are involved and will bridge the gap between all involved--may Policy Makers take note of this book.
    My own tail peace--EARTH is too broad a term--Mineral Resources are finite, SITE-SPECIFIC, apart from being nonrenewable and nonperishable --many unique characteristics.My compliments and gratitude on behalf of the profession to the authors and all involved.

  2. Seems very timely, to say the least. I will purchase a copy and look forward to the read.


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