Monday, 5 April 2021

Comminution '21: only two weeks away, and two new sponsors

MEI's first online conference begins two weeks today. Comminution '21 is our 12th comminution conference, and I must say that I am excited about attending as a delegate, along with the other delegates, while Jon and Amanda do the hard work of ensuring that the proceedings move smoothly.

We also welcome two late sponsors, Dakot and Cancha, who join our existing sponsors and we look forward to networking with them during the event.

South African company Dakot are sponsoring an MEI comminution conference for the 3rd time. 

Dakot was established in 1995 to manufacture high-tech ceramics for specialised applications. In 2007 it diversified into the production of ceramic micro-milling media. The company has positioned itself as one of the world leaders in the large scale production of toughened alumina and zirconia grinding media for stirred mills, which will be featured in the final morning session of the conference.

Cobus Kotze (2nd left) of Dakot, with Aubrey Mainza and Paul Bepswa, of UCT,
and Magnus Evertsson of Chalmers University, at Comminution '18

Peruvian company Cancha is a first time MEI sponsor. Cancha is used by geologists, miners, metallurgists and geometallurgists to accurately, efficiently and transparently project metallurgical performance for mineral resources, the geometallurgy software bridging the gap between orebody knowledge and comminution simulators. 

Cancha's Transmin offers professional metallurgical consulting services to the mining and mineral exploration industries and I first met consultant Adam Johnston at the SME Annual Meeting in Denver in 2019. 

With Adam Johnston, and Stuart Smith of Metifex, Australia in Denver in 2019

Adam says that he is "happy to be able to support this conference.  For many years we have enjoyed reading the papers from the Comminution conferences in Minerals Engineering, but travel and time has always been a barrier to get there in person.  Now with it being online, and us being locked-up, we are able to get involved".

It is good to have these two late sponsors involved, and I hope that others, who have been unable to travel to our conferences for whatever reason, will avail themselves of the opportunity of registering and networking with comminution experts from around the world, in the comfort of their own homes or offices.


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  1. Happy to read this Blog--positive energy ushering in a new chapter.Glad to see two new sponsors Dakot and Cancha, have joined--reading their activities, I see new expertise of value being added to our profession. My compliments to all your sponsors and the new ones in particular.
    I am tempted to make an observation--it is Rao--the manufacturers and real hands-on experts are keeping our FLAG flying high; I am sure the papers also would be of the great interest.
    My best wishes and compliments to you and Team.,


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