Thursday, 15 April 2021

Comminution '21: only 4 days away

Comminution '21 is MEI's first online conference, and I must admit to being excited about attending the 4-day meeting solely as a delegate, joining the many other delegates from around the world. Although tinged with a little sadness, as tonight we should have been boarding a plane to whisk us to Cape Town and the Vineyard Hotel.

Amanda and Jon have put the bulk of the effort into organising this virtual event, our 12th Comminution conference, and the first at which I will not be opening the proceedings. Jon will welcome delegates at 09.00 BST on Monday, the start of four days of over 65 presentations, including three state-of-the-art keynotes.

"What will comminution circuits look like in 2050?" will be the theme of the panel discussion on Tuesday, chaired by Mike Battersby of Maelgwyn Mineral Services Ltd, UK, and Chairman of CEEC. Answering questions will be Grant Ballantyne (Australia), Joe Pease (Australia), Alex Potapov (USA), Peter Radziszewski (Canada), Paul Shelley (Australia) and Weigo Xie (USA).
Although networking at a virtual conference will never replace face to face interaction, as we would be enjoying in the Vineyard gardens, there is a lot to look forward to next week in the comfort of your home or office. There will be plenty of opportunity to visit the virtual exhibition booths and interact with the exhibitors, and we will be introducing a novel way of simulating the chance encounters which happen at every conference and which can often lead to valuable contacts.

We invite you to register for Comminution '21 and take the opportunity of exploring the OnAIR platform before Monday. The timetable will be rigidly adhered to, so you can easily set your own agenda, and if you miss a presentation you can always catch up later, as all presentations will be available on demand for 6 months. You can even join the discussions on presentations well after the event, via the online chat facility.

So we look forward to your active involvement in "the cloud" next week and I look forward to 'bumping' into many of you during the virtual coffee breaks. A final thanks to our sponsors who have supported us all the way.



  1. Barry, your words "being excited about attending the 4-day meeting solely as a delegate,", I am also very much excited--"comminution" is the first major unit operation that prepares material for further beneficiation. Any research and or practice on how to simplify this operation with minimum space and least energy consumption adds vastly to the "bottom line" of profits, both to Mining and metallurgical operations--I am sure you started the "new era" --after what we all went through, with such an Event and Topic.
    Why I like your Blogs?--you have a subtle messages--recently you passed on the Editorial Team to New ONE; now the Organisation of MEI conferences--pass on the baton--.
    I also feel sad about these virtual conferences--because I participate in many organized by Professional Societies and Govt. Organization ((thanks to Organisers), and because of my passion towards the profession--as I keep saying "we are the custodians of Natural resources--Gift Of Nature(GOD)".
    I again compliment the sponsors and warmly welcome the Delegates.(I will miss the sounds of glasses in particular--)

    1. Looking forward to welcoming you and Alban Lynch to the conference, two early pioneers of mathematical modelling in mineral processing

  2. Thanks Dr. Barry for keeping us posted. I appreciate the efforts of organizers and sponsors for making it online in these difficult times with travel restrictions.

  3. Hope all goes well for your first online conference.. am sure it will and having the sessions recorded and available after the event will sure add extra value... plus it will also allow attendees to discuss, share and perhaps influence colleagues as to the value of attending next time.
    Millard Lowe, NSW, Australia

  4. Many thanks Venugopal and Millard. Yes, having the presentations available on demand after the event will be of great value to those registered.


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