Saturday, 28 September 2019

Calls for Abstracts for Biomining '20 and Sustainable Minerals '20

MEI invites abstracts for two of its conferences which are of particular importance as we move into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Biomining, formerly our Biohydrometallurgy series, reflects the increasingly important role of biotechnology, not only in the treatment of primary ores and concentrates, but in the quest for the circular economy, and is likely to have a major role in remediation, treatment of tailings, electronic and other wastes, and as a potential aid to processes such as flotation.

In this respect MEI's Biomining conferences are now intimately linked to the Sustainable Minerals series, which was very evident in Namibia last year, where over 60% of the Biohydromet '18 delegates also attended Sustainable Minerals '18.

Biomining '20 and Sustainable Minerals '20 will run back to back in June 2020 in the beautiful Cornish town of Falmouth. The venue will be the National Maritime Museum, in the heart of old Falmouth, overlooking the world's 3rd deepest natural harbour.

If you would like to present papers at either, or both, of these events, please submit your short abstracts by the end of December. Accepted papers will be published in draft form in the proceedings of the conferences, and then after the conferences authors will be invited to submit final papers for peer-review, with a view to publication in Virtual Special Issues of Minerals Engineering.

Dr. David Dew, of Dewality Consultants, UK, will present a keynote at Biomining '20 on the limitations to the commercial application of biohydrometallurgy for the treatment of base metal sulfide ores, and Dr. Anna Kaksonen, of Australia's CSIRO, will present a keynote on the environmental applications of biotechnology in mining.

This will complement the keynote lecture on the following day at Sustainable Minerals '20, when Dr. Anita Parbhakar-Fox, of the University of Queensland, will discuss how the mining industry might respond to the 'war on waste'. The second keynote at Sustainable Minerals '20, on the use of process simulation for improving life cycle assessment in the minerals industry, will be presented by Prof. Luis Marcelo Tavares, who leads the mineral processing group and is head of the Laboratory of Mineral Processing at the University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Cornwall is one of the world's most beautiful areas, but as well as stunning coastal scenery it also has a rich mining heritage, so we always advise delegates to stay on for a few days to explore this unique and remote part of England. The Cornwall section of the blog might whet your appetite!

Regular updates on the two conferences can be found at #Biomining20 and #SustainableMinerals20

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