Sunday, 8 September 2019

AusIMM MetPlant 2019 Welcome Reception

The AusIMM's MetPlant 2019 conference kicked off tonight at the Crown Perth's Astral Ballroom with the GD Delprat Distinguished Lecture, given by J-P Franzidis and entitled "Mining and Society". The lecture series celebrates the life of Guillaume Daniel Delprat, who was an engineer and metallurgist, and a pioneer of Australian mining industry.

Mining has been a part of human history for millennia and has been integral to the development of what we now call society. Mining has given us coins, cannons and computers; it has also produced legacy effects that will endure for centuries to come. J-P's lecture explored the history of mining and society, the impacts of society on mining, and mining and society in the 21st century and beyond. In particular, it tried to address the perception of mining companies as “unscrupulous, environmentally destructive, exacerbating the poverty of local communities while creating wealth only for an elite, and destroying the social fabric of communities.”

J-P Franzidis presenting "Mining and Society"

Immediately following the lecture, was the Welcome Reception, with the opportunity to network with drinks and canapes. I bumped into some old friends and was pleased to meet some people that I'd previously only conversed with via email.

The Welcome Reception at MetPlan 2019
J.P. Franzidis (Uni. of Cape Town) and Dennis Thamm 

Mike Battersby (Maelgwyn Mineral Services), Janine Herzig (MetVal Consulting &
President of the AusIMM), Alison Keogh (CEEC Chief Executive) &
Chih-Ting Lo (CEEC Advocate)

Gregor Borg & Oscar Scharfe of PMS Handelskontor
Amanda Wills @MEI_Conferences


  1. I wish I could have been at J-P’s talk. See also my posting of 9th June

  2. The message from J.P.s talk is telling--that is what I also strongly feel. Minerals are finite and site specific; we have to exploit them not in a conventional business model of any manufacturing industry. The MODEL of mineral exploitation has to be different--
    Well said,J.P.--people made money and ran away.
    I wish Professional Societies put their message across to Govt.planners taking a leaf from this talk.


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