Sunday, 15 April 2018

Sunday in Cape Town: Comminution '18 Welcome Reception

A beautiful sunny day today for early arrivals to Cape Town's Vineyard Hotel for this week's Comminution '18.
Sunday in the Vineyard gardens
Prior to the Comminution '18 welcoming function, Cornish company Grinding Solutions Ltd (GSL) hosted a free afternoon seminar "The Journey from Mineralogy through Validation to Control and Optimisation", attended by around 25 delegates, mainly those attending tomorrow's conference. Opened by GSL's Nick Wilshaw, the speakers were Klaas van der Wielen, of GSL, Ben Tordoff, of Zeiss, UK, James Strongman of Petrolab Ltd, UK and Mark de Geus, of, UK.
Seminar delegates. Front row: Ben, James; Klaas and Mark
Around 80 of the 200 delegates registered for Comminution '18 attended the late afternoon wine function in the conference centre, which gave them the chance to meet up with the exhibitors for the first time.


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