Thursday, 15 March 2018

Colorado School of Mines ranked world number 1 for 3rd year running

In case you missed it, the 2018 QS Rankings of Mineral and Mining Engineering Universities has been published. This is the 3rd year that QS has published a list of such universities, and they do seem to be learning, as the list is much more credible than it was 2 years ago. The 2016 listing came in for very heavy criticism, as it contained universities which do not produce mining and minerals engineers, such as Oxford and Cambridge! I am pleased to see that the world renowned Camborne School of Mines is at last recognised, at number 16 (as University of Exeter).
Many congratulations to the other CSM, Colorado School of Mines, which merits a number one placement for the 3rd year running, and to Australia's Curtin University, at number 2 as last year. The top 10 for 2018 and 2017 are shown on the left.
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  1. I am happy to see The University of Chile ranked with #8 placement. This is also a good recognition of the quality of mining education in Chile!
    Marco Vera, Left RT, Australia

  2. I have found that it makes for an interesting read to look into the mineral processing component of a 'mineral processing' related degree at various universities. It's often pretty lean.

    Hass anyone else taken a close look or discussed with recently hired process engineers.


  3. Yes Barry, agreed, the last two years they seemed to have identified the true schools of minerals engineering and mining engineering. I always found it strange how universities that didn’t graduate any mining or metallurgical/minerals engineers could be listed! Chemical Engineering and Earth Sciences are separately ranked. I suspect petroleum engineering, exploration geophysics, mine surveying and mineral & energy economics might all be added to this field (as many are not ranked separately and mining and petroleum is often combined).
    In the case of Curtin University , all these areas are being taught and have active research groups performing R&D in this space.
    Jacques Eksteen, Curtin University, Australia

    1. Yes Jacques, Barry. That's why Uni Sth Australia is absent. No degree program. Might be different if the ranking was for research.
      Bill Skinner, University of South Australia


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