Monday, 12 March 2018

New book: Biotechnology of Metals: Principles, Recovery Methods, and Environmental Concerns

This volume deals with all aspects of metal biotechnology in different areas, such as biogenesis, biomaterials, biomimetic strategies, biohydrometallurgy, mineral biobeneficiation, electrobioleaching, microbial corrosion, human implants, concrete biocorrosion, microbiology of environment pollution, and bioremediation.
The author is Dr. K.A. Natarajan, a long standing Editorial Board member of Minerals Engineering and a NASI Senior Scientist- Platinum Jubilee Fellow and Emeritus Professor at the Department of Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.
As the technology of this interdisciplinary science has diversified over the last five years, this book provides a valuable source for scientists and students in a number of disciplines, including geology, chemistry, metallurgy, microbiology, chemical engineering, environment, civil engineering, and biomedical engineering.
This first edition book is published by Elsevier and will be of great interest to all those participating in MEI's conferences in Namibia in June, Biohydromet '18 and Sustainable Minerals '18.
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  1. Very happy to learn that Dr.Natarajan's latest book on such an important and yet to be fully exploited topic came out.
    Let me compliment my close friend Dr.Natarajan who carried out so much of original work spread over so many years and I am sure the book would make some researchers and industrialists to have a fresh look at this potential way of processing difficult to treat ores and extract the maximum values in an environmentally acceptable manner.
    My regards to Dr.Natarajan.


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