Monday, 19 March 2018

Five MEI Conferences to look forward to this year

Comminution '18 begins four weeks today at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town. We have an outstanding programme, and if you wish to join us we look forward to receiving your registration as soon as possible. The delegate list is being updated each Saturday, and already 16 international mining companies are represented (see posting of 3rd March for more details).

Delegates in the exhibition area at Comminution '16

Two months later we will be in Namibia for Biohydrometallurgy '18 and Sustainable Minerals '18, which will run back to back (more details on posting of 29th January).

And then in November we are back in Cape Town for two more back to back conferences. Process Mineralogy '18 is the 5th in this popular series, and has two very interesting keynote lectures. Prof. Alan Butcher will present "When Scientists and Engineers Talk – Lessons from the Oil Industry and Applications to Mining" (posting of 31 July 2017) and Prof. Frances Wall will present "Problems in the processing of rare earths- the importance of mineralogy" (posting of 8th January).

Delegates at Process Mineralogy '17

Process Mineralogy will be followed by a new MEI Conference, Developments in the Processing of the "Hi-Tech" Metals, very relevant in the modern world of computing, renewable energy and electric cars, which are consuming finite resources at a rapid rate (see also posting of 5th June 2017).  In a keynote lecture co-authored by Max Frenzel and MEI Consultant Markus Reuter, Prof. Jens Gutzmer will examine the number of expressions used to describe this group of commodities that are considered essential ingredients for technology development and economic prosperity (posting of 14 September 2017).
So an exciting few months ahead, and we hope to catch up with you in Southern Africa.
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  1. Can't wait to see what comes out of the Communition '18 conference. Love to see the progress these industries can make by all coming together and making things happen.


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