Friday, 2 March 2018

A brief window into Falmouth

Britain is in the grip of Storm Emma at the moment, and South-West England has been hit hard, as we are not used to snow in these parts.
After a morning at the SME Meeting, I left Minneapolis at mid-day on Wednesday for Chicago, where I spent 6 hours at the airport before taking the delayed BA flight to London Heathrow. The weather had caused severe disruptions to train services, the Express from Heathrow to Paddington Station running only intermittently, and Paddington effectively being closed for much of the day.
Luckily the first train out to Cornwall was mid-afternoon, and I gratefully took a seat on this, which eventually arrived in Truro 80 minutes late due to frozen points at Newton Abbot. And even luckier, the last train to Falmouth had been held to take passengers from the London train, so I eventually arrived home, 28 hours after leaving the hotel in Minneapolis!
Only this morning do I realise how fortunate I was yesterday. The 6pm train from Paddington arrived in Truro three and a half hours late, at 2.30 this morning, and all trains to Cornwall are cancelled today due to problems as always on the line at Dawlish in Devon.
Most of the snow in Falmouth has now disappeared after overnight rain, but this is what I missed yesterday:
Falmouth sea front (photo Lee Stephens- Facebook)

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