Wednesday, 12 April 2017

IOM3 Awards

Naturally I am proud and delighted to have been awarded the IOM3's Medal for Excellence, one of three of the Institute's Premier Awards this year to mineral processors (full details on MEI Online).
Congratulations to Derek Barratt for the award of the Futers Gold Medal and Tony Francis for his Outstanding Contribution Award.
When I was awarded the IMPC's Distinguished Service Award in Santiago in 2014 (posting of 23rd October 2014), I accepted the award on behalf of my wonderful family, aka the small and highly professional MEI team. And now I do so once again, as well as thanking all our many friends in the minerals industry who continue to drive our ambitions.
MEI- Barry, Amanda, Barbara, Jon

I am particularly appreciative of the message that I received yesterday from Prof. Cyril O'Connor, Chairman of the International Mineral Processing Council, which he has requested that I publish on behalf of the IMPC:

It is with great pleasure that I have learnt that the Institute for Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) in the UK has, in its 2017 awards list, announced that our colleague and friend Dr Barry Wills has been awarded the IOM3 Medal for Excellence. The International Mineral Processing Council and delegates to the XXVII IMPC in Santiago, Chile, in 2014 will all be very much aware of the enormous contribution which Barry has made to the discipline of Minerals Processing having been the recipient at that Congress of the IMPC Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his “outstanding and noteworthy contributions to the field of Minerals Processing over a sustained period”.

Barry has for many years been a loyal supporter of International Mineral Processing Congresses and has played a prominent role globally for his pioneering work in promoting the discipline of mineral processing. He is still the Editor-in-Chief of the premier minerals processing journal, Minerals Engineering, which he founded in 1988. He is also well known for the high quality MEI Conferences which he has organized annually since 1990 at various venues around the world. These conferences cover, inter alia, the areas of comminution, flotation, process mineralogy, biohydrometallurgy, etc. Besides all this Barry’s seminal text ‘Minerals Processing Technology’ is now in its 8th Edition and remains arguably the most widely used book globally for students of mineral processing. The IOM3 citation states that “Barry has served the mineral processing community immensely by promoting the distribution and dissemination of mineral processing knowledge within the community of mineral processors and extractive metallurgists worldwide” and this echoes the citation for his IMPC Distinguished Service Award.

On behalf of the International Mineral Processing Council and the global mineral processing community I wish to salute Barry for this further highly deserved recognition of his outstanding achievements and contributions to mineral processing.  Long may these continue!

Thankyou Cyril! The MEI team really does appreciate the recognition of our peers in this vital industry.

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  1. Barry, great news and my hearty congratulations.Your service to mineral profession is multi faceted and it is not an exaggeration,if I may say,unique.
    You set new standards in professional journlism and brought students,Teachers,Researchers and Practicing people of our profession together.
    Wish to hear many more happy news like this one.
    All the best to you and family.

  2. Sincere congratulations for an award well deserved, Fathi Habashi

  3. Heartiest Congratulations to you and MEI team. I always look forward yo your thoughtful and insightful article related to mineral industry. Well deserved.

  4. Dear Barry, what wonderful news. Congratulations. The award is well-deserved given your long-standing contribution and commitment to the mineral processing profession. I certainly agree with Cyril's remark that Minerals Engineering stands in the first rank of reference materials. This is not an achievement that suddenly develops overnight; rather it has happened as a result of several decades of focussed, dedicated work with many people. Well done and best regards

    Norman O. Lotter
    Flowsheets Metallurgical Consulting Inc.

  5. Congratulations to you and the MEI family on the Award. It recognises the years of dedicated work which have gone into the textbook, the journal and the blog. How you find time to indulge your passion for travel and for exploring the marvellous areas of Cornwall is beyond me but I look forward to continuing to read your notes on the countries and regions you visit and the fascinating and inspiring people you introduce us to.

    Regards and best wishes to you and the MEI team
    Alban Lynch, Brisbane, Australia

  6. Dear Dr. BA Wills,

    Congratulations. You deserve this honour. Wish you many more such honours.

    DMR Sekhar

  7. Hi Barry, Just noticed your recent award, IOM3's Medal for Excellence. Richly deserved, and I concur with Cyril's comments on behalf of the min pro community!
    Prof. Jim Finch, McGill University, Canada

  8. Congrats Barry - we are all proud of your achievements for the minerals processing industry! R
    Professor Richard A Williams, Principal and Vice Chancellor, Heriot-Watt University, UK

  9. As a personal friend who is in great admiration—I am so very thrilled to hear about your recent IOM3’s medal for excellence! Well deserved!
    This is fantastic! Warmest congratulations Barry!
    With my very best wishes,
    Donna Starkey, Starkey & Associates, Canada

  10. Dear Dr. Barry
    Many many congratulation for this prestigious award. You are Well deserving for this as well as for many more such laurels/award for your service to the mineral industry in last three decades.

    with best wishes
    Sunil Kumar Tripathy

  11. On behalf of all of us at MEI, many thanks for all your comments. They are greatly appreciated


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