Friday, 21 April 2017

An update on the forthcoming merger of Minerals Engineering and IJMP

The merger of Minerals Engineering and International Journal of Mineral Processing (IJMP) will take place in January 2018 (see posting of 21 December 2016).
I will remain as Editor-in-Chief of the merged journal, and the co-editors will be Dr. Pablo Brito-Parada, of Imperial College, UK, the current Editor of Minerals Engineering, and Prof. Kristian Waters, of McGill University, Canada, who is currently an editor of IJMP.
From 1 May 2017, submissions to IJMP will close and prospective authors should instead submit their papers to Minerals Engineering online.

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  1. I am sure it is done with some reasons and I am sure the step would be a success .
    All the best to you, Barry and your Team.

  2. There were only two international journals related Mineral Processing. With this merger there will be only one left. We were expecting more international journals of same repute but it has shrunk to one and reduced the opportunity for more publication in MP. There might be some reason behind though.
    The cover is looking great.
    All the best.
    Rama Murthy

  3. Congratulations on the merger. However I always found ME a better place for new idea publication than IJMP. IJMP was more focused on the 'established' (i.e. the boys club) researchers rather than the new researchers. Hence I tended to publish new ideas in ME and applications of already published methods in IJPM. Only time will determine what is best for the industry.
    Stephen Gay, Midas Tech International, Australia


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