Sunday, 16 April 2017

Praa Sands to Prussia Cove

The long sandy beach of Praa Sands is only a 35 minute drive from Falmouth, and the fairly easy 2 mile walk from Praa Sands to Prussia Cove is one of Cornwall's best, taking in some superb clifftop scenery and a number of rocky coves, notably Bessie's Cove and Piskies Cove in the area known as Prussia Cove. This was once one of the most intensively used areas for smuggling brandy as the small beaches are difficult to see from the top of the cliff. Bessie's Cove was used as one of the locations for the 1970s Poldark series.
Praa Sands
Piskies Cove
Cudden Point
Those with a keen eye will also notice a subtle change in geology from the metamorposed sediments, including slates, near Praa Sands to the beginning of the Land's End granite which forms Cudden Point above Prussia Cove.

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