Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The launch of the latest book on Process Mineralogy

Last week in Australia the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (SMI-JKMRC) (part of the Sustainable Minerals Institute at the University of Queensland) celebrated the launch of the latest book in its series of Monographs on mineral processing. This most recent book, Process Mineralogy, is edited by a team of three people whose names will be familiar to those working in this field - MEI's process mineralogy consultant Dr Megan Becker, of the Centre for Minerals Research at the University of Cape Town, and Drs Elaine Wightman and Cathy Evans of the SMI-JKMRC
The launch party at SMI-JKMRC celebrated the hard work of the three editors of Process Mineralogy and their 50 contributors from around the world, which has culminated in the production of this comprehensive review of the current state of the art in applied mineralogy. The support of Dr Ying Gu, Prof Dee Bradshaw and Prof Ben Adair in the initial stages of the book helped the editors to build a team of contributors which spans our industry in terms of both commodity type and geographical location. While the list of contributors is too long to be included here, readers of the Process Mineralogy book will recognise many of them as regular attendees at the biannual MEI Process Mineralogy Conferences. The breadth and depth of the knowledge shared by the contributors in each of the book chapters reflects their expertise in mineralogy tools, techniques and their application and make this book unique.
Prof Neville Plint, Director of the SMI and Prof Alice Clark, Director of Production Centres at SMI welcomed a number of the Brisbane-based contributors, including Dr Bill Johnson, Dr Greg Wilkie, Dr Graham O'Brien, John Knights and Prof Malcolm Powell who came along to join JKMRC staff, students and alumni in the celebrations.
Prof. Alice Clark (Director, Production Centres, SMI), Dr Graham O’Brien (CSIRO), Dr Greg Wilkie (CRC-ORE),
Dr Elaine Wightman (SMI-JKMRC), John Knights, Dr Bill Johnson (Mineralis/SMI-JKMRC),
Dr Cathy Evans (SMI-JKMRC), Prof. Malcolm Powell (SMI-JKMRC),
Prof. Neville Plint (Director, Sustainable Minerals Institute)
Process Mineralogy '17 provided an opportunity for a 2nd launch, and for Cathy and Elaine to catch up with Megan and the contributors based in South Africa. 
Elaine, Megan and Cathy
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  1. It would be great if somewhere there was link to additional details, e.g., a Table of Contents. The easily accessible info is one paragraph blurb and that's little to make purchasing decision from.


    1. Yes, I agree Bob. Maybe the authors can supply this information?

  2. Bob,
    Thanks for your interest in the Process Mineralogy book and your request for more details on its contents. We have updated our website to provide a link to the list of the chapters and this can be found at:

    I hope that you and other potential readers find the list of chapters useful.
    With kind regards
    Cathy Evans (on behalf of my fellow editors)

  3. Let me compliment all the contributors and J.K. for their great contribution; process mineralogy is the back bone for good processing and I am sure this event would remind all of us,once again, that "go to basics" before you decide a process flowsheet/and or process optimisation.


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