Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Evening dinner by the lagoon

A beautiful location tonight for the Process Mineralogy '17 conference dinner, overlooking Lagoon Beach in Milnerton, with its stunning view of Table Mountain and Lion's Head.
After the 35C heat of the day, it was great to relax in the warm late afternoon sunshine, with drinks on the terrace before an excellent buffet meal in the impressive Lagoon Beach Hotel restaurant.
There will be many fond memories of the evening, and cameras were clicking furiously to provide permanent reminders of the evening and the very interesting and amiable people who make up the world of process mineralogy. Some of the images are shown here- there will be more next week on the conference report.
Representatives from conference sponsor Cornwall Mining Alliance
Barry, Barbara, Jon and Amanda Wills (MEI), Nick and Flee Wilshaw (Grinding Solutions Ltd),
Yousef Ghorbani, Rob Fitzpatrick and Hylke Glass (Camborne School of Mines),
James Strongman and Chris Brough (Petrolab Ltd) 
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