Saturday, 18 March 2017

Memories of Complex Ores '97 Bulawayo

Process Mineralogy '17 gets underway tomorrow in Cape Town, and 20 years ago tomorrow, across the Limpopo, our first and only conference in Zimbabwe commenced.
Terry Veasey

Complex Ores '97 was organised by CSM Associates Ltd, and Camborne School of Mines, and was held at the Bulawayo Sun Hotel. The keynote lecture was given by Birmingham University's Terry Veasey, who at that time was a visiting Professor at the National University of Science & Technology in Bulawayo. Below are some photographic memories of that brief but enjoyable time in Zimbabwe.
With the Veasey's and John Hope

Pauline Veasey, BW and Nadine & Jose Leseigneur

Dinner at the Nesbitt Castle, Bulawayo

Post conference lunch in the Matopos Hills with the Veasey's,
Frank Crundwell and Yaw Asamoah-Bekoe

Hiking in the Matopos Hills with Frank and Yaw


  1. Oldies can remain goldies. There were some good papers at that conference.


  2. Thanks for the memories Barry. It was a good conference with a good atmosphere. It took me 17 years to return to Bulawayo, en route to a platinum mine in 2014.
    Ian T

  3. I believe it was at that conference that we first met you and Pat


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