Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A memorable Flotation '11 conference dinner

We are recovering this morning from a wonderful conference dinner last night at the Gold Restaurant in the centre of Cape Town. We were treated to a 15 course menu of sample dishes from various African countries, and wine from Franschhoek's Rickety Bridge Estate.

The excellent entertainment was provided by Pulse of Mali, and the highlight was the finale, with stirring singing from the whole of the restaurant staff.

Those delegates attending next year's Comminution '12 and Process Mineralogy '12 can look forward to a similar memorable evening at Gold.

Many photos were taken during the evening, which will soon be published on MEI Online, and a few of these are shown below.


  1. Food - 1/5 (possibly zero)- when out again after returning to the Hotel
    Floor show - 4/5
    Service - 2/5 (was disorganized and people missed out on some cources
    Noise (could not talk) - 2/5
    Ambiance - 4/5

    Was not 90 pounds worth!

  2. Sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the meal, but happy to see that you enjoyed the entertainment! Could I ask you whether or not you reported the missing courses to your waitron, and if so, what their response was? This will help us when we feed back to the restaurant manager. You can reply to me at if it is easier.


  3. I was just about to post a quick message on how good I thought the
    conference dinner was when I saw the previous comment. Was this person
    at the same event as me? I thought food was interesting and really
    tasty, the wine was excellent, the entertainment was funny, and the
    service absolutely fine. It was great fun and certainly everybody on my
    table really enjoyed themselves.
    Dean Eastbury, Elsevier Ltd, UK

  4. Our table thought it was all great. We were in the smaller entrance room which was probably a bit quieter. Couldn’t fault the service – my wine glass was never allowed to get anywhere near empty. Having been to many of these events I thought the entertainment was about the best I’ve seen in South Africa (although I now realise they were from Mali!).
    Mike Battersby

  5. I thought the dinner was excellent!! Had loads of fun; the food was fabulous, the wine plentiful and the dancing and singing made for a really enjoyable African experience!
    Rachel Morgan-Jones

  6. I enjoyed the singing very much!

  7. Nice pictures of happy and satisfied people. Judging by the expressions it seems they were having a great time.


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