Thursday, 3 November 2011

2nd Keynote Lecture for Biohydromet '12

We are pleased to announce that Marja Riekkola-Vanhanen, who is the Senior Technology Adviser for the Talvivaara Mining Company, Finland, will present a keynote lecture “Talvivaara Nickel Mine- ­ from a project to a mine” at next year's Biohydrometallurgy '12 conference in Falmouth.
Marja has had much experience in the bioleaching of base metals in heaps and reactors, biological treatment of acid mine drainage and industrial waste waters, mining related environmental issues, best available techniques in non-ferrous metals industry and development of metal extraction processes.

The other keynote lecture, on the future of heap bioleaching, will be given by Prof. Sue Harrison of the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Papers presented at the conference will be published in a Proceedings, and also considered for publication in a special biohydrometallurgy issue of Minerals Engineering. The call for abstracts deadline is the end of next month.

Biohydromet '12 immediately precedes Pyrometallurgy '12 at the same venue.

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