Wednesday, 16 November 2011

MEI Award 2011

MEI is pleased to announce the inaugural award for outstanding contribution to minerals engineering by a young person in 2011.

Nominations, for persons under 35 years of age at December 31st 2011, should be submitted by email to by 17th February 2012 and the name of the recipient will be announced at the end of that month.

Nominations should include the name, age and affiliation of the nominee, and reasons for the nomination.

The recipient will receive an engraved award, a certificate and a complimentary registration to any MEI conference in 2012/13, with the option of presenting an MEI Award lecture.


  1. A great ideia for the young generation !

  2. I commend you on this initiative Barry (and MEI team). Well done for recognising young professionals doing great things in the industry.

  3. This is an exciting new step for MEI and I'm looking forward to seeing what the brightest and best of the younger members of our industry have been up to this year.

  4. Thanks Jamie. It would be great if you could mention this on your blog, as we would like as many young persons as possible to get the opportunity to be nominated

  5. Hi Barry,
    Its a great initiative and I appreciate it very much. Well if a researcher wants to nominate himself/herself as contributor to Minerals Enginering instead of persuading his peers to nominate him/her for this MEI Award, can it be acceptable. Hope to hear from you.

    Kind regards

  6. Unfortunately not. A person must be nominated by his or her peers.


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