Friday, 28 May 2010

MEI recommends King Edward Mine Museum

There are very few, if any, places in the world where you can see 19th century gravity concentrators, such as round frames, buddles, Frue Vanners and rag frames, in operation.

Such a place is the King Edward Mine Museum, on the outskirts of Camborne, and only about 12 miles from Falmouth.

King Edward Mine is the oldest complete mine site left in Cornwall. The mine was formerly part of South Condurrow Mine, which was abandoned in 1890. Re-opened and developed as a fully operational/training mine by the Camborne School of Mines, King Edward was used up to the mid 1970s when the mill became a store. I have fond memories of it, as my first office at CSM was a small broom cupboard in the old survey office!

In 1987 a volunteer group was formed who restored the mill using rescued machinery. From the Californian stamps onward, the working mill is much as it would have been in the early years of last century.

A must for anyone interested in early mining industry.

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