Monday, 3 May 2010

Froth Flotation news

LinkedIn members may not be aware that a new group, Froth Flotation, was formed very recently.  As yet there are only 15 members, but I am sure that the size of the group will increase as people become aware of its existence.  Members so far seem to be also associated with the Minerals Engineers group, which currently has 464 members.

Dr. Stephen Grano is well known to sulphide flotation researchers. Formerly with the Ian Wark Research Institute in Australia, he was also MEI's consultant on our first flotation conference, held in Adelaide in 2000. Stephen has now been appointed to lead the University of Adelaide's new Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources.  The full story can be found on MEI Online.

Later this year Minerals Engineering will publish a special Froth Flotation issue, containing selected papers from last year's Flotation '09 conference in Cape Town. Ninety-eight papers were presented at the conference, of which 50 have been submitted for peer-review. It is expected that around 40 papers will be in the special issue, currently scheduled for Volume 23 Issues 11-13 in October.

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