Saturday, 8 May 2010

Short Course Nightmares

I met up with Fathi Habashi at the SME Meeting in Phoenix, and he mentioned that he is presenting a 2-day course “Introduction to Extractive Metallurgy” this month. I do not envy him, as I know how hard these intensive courses can be. In the early 1980s I gave a few introductory 2-day courses to mining engineers and geologists in Johannesburg, and it was exhausting.

Nothing like my nightmare short course though! In 1994 I was invited to give a 25-hour lecture course on mineral processing at the Al├Ęs School of Mines in France. Foolishly I agreed- the course was over a four day period, after which I had to set and mark an examination for the 5th day! It was exhausting; the students spoke good English, but I’m not sure that they really came to terms with my Lancastrian accent.

Never again! I just wondered if anyone else has had interesting short course experiences, either as a lecturer or participant.

Undoubtedly my most memorable short course was a 5-minute presentation on froth flotation to Her Majesty the Queen in 1980. It must also have been a memorable experience for Her Majesty, as she is obviously enthralled by my efforts.


  1. Fathi G+Habashi28 May 2010 at 19:42

    Nightmares? No. Why? I just gave a five-day short course on Hydrometallurgy in Lima, Peru and attendance was a record number - - 49 and I am leaving next week for Vancouver for the 2-days short course on Introduction to Mineral Extractive Metallurgy followed by a one-day short course on Pyrometallurgy in Saltillo, Mexico. Please see attachments. Thanks to Power Points any way. Fathi

  2. Barry
    I forgot the P.S. : I do that voluntarily for universities: I receive free transportation and boarding but no honorarium except for industry there is some financial benefit that is paid mostly as taxes. FH


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