Saturday, 4 March 2017

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There have been comments on the following postings since the last update:

Talk of lithium and tin over a few pints
The increasing importance of physical separation methods
Utilising Fe-rich residues from metallurgical processes.......
Report on the 2017 Canadian Mineral Processors Meeting
A rising star: Anita Parbhakar-Fox
Column flotation popularity and usage
The Matterhorn's fascinating recent and geological history
Nag Nagaraj completes the trio of mineral processors to be inducted into International Mining Technology's Hall of Fame
Superior comminution circuit performance: integrating classification during design is the key
Memories of student days at two great mining schools
Who was Julius Kruttschnitt?
Is 2017 the year of the mining industry revival?
Innovation in mineral processing
Australian company Kemtec to sponsor Flotation '17
SME 2017: a report on mineral processing news and people
Controversial "invisible" gold paper published
A flurry of support indicative of confidence in the industry?
Well known mineral processors inducted into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame

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