Tuesday, 7 September 2010

IMPC- day 2

There is no hard printed Proceedings volume, a trend that I hope will continue with future IMPCs. Instead there is a handy slim volume of abstracts to accompany the Proceedings CD. This is also available for purchase from the AusIMM.

Good to see that virtually everyone I speak to is aware that MEI Online is the world’s largest source of mineral processing news and information, but not everyone is aware that we publish news items free of charge, so if you have any news that you would like to share with the mineral processing community, please send your press releases to us.

Internet access in the convention centre is very slow, so it is a little difficult to add high resolution photos to the blog. We continue to take pictures of people at the IMPC, and all photos will be published on MEI Online next week, and will be available for download. When available an alert will be made on Twitter. If you do not follow me on Twitter, that is no problem, as my recent tweets (I hate that word!) can be seen in the right hand column of the blog.

Although the MEI booth is rather remotely located in the exhibition area, we have a regular stream of visitors who call in for a chat. It’s amazing how many names I have recognised but cannot put faces to them. They turn out to be LinkedIn connections, and it is evident that this powerful networking tool is really taking off with professionals, so if you are not subscribed, I urge you to do so, and I also invite you to connect with me.

Among the people who have stopped to say hello are:

Andy Stradling of Tech Cominco, Canada, an ex-student of mine at Camborne School of Mines, who I recruited into the minerals industry during a talk at his school in the early 80s.

Dean Eastbury of Elsevier has spent much time at our booth. He is publishing manager for Minerals Engineering, International Journal of Mineral Processing and Hydrometallurgy. and I have been able to introduce him to several members of the Minerals Engineering editorial board, including Mike Adams of Mutis Liber, Dave Deglon of University of Cape Town, Jannie van Deventer of University of Melbourne, Richard Williams of University of Leeds, Brian Loveday of University of KwaZulu-Natal and members of the review panel.

A number of people have spoken highly of the keynote presentation yesterday by Robert Schouwstra of Anglo Research, South Africa. I unfortunately missed this due to another commitment. Robert is also a keynote speaker in November at Process Mineralogy ’10. Yesterday he reviewed the progress on the development of automated mineralogical techniques for fast, automated mineral measurements.

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