Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Some concerns regarding the XXVIth IMPC

MEI has been represented at IMPCs since the Stockholm meeting in the late 80s and in recent years these events have developed into major networking opportunities, where academics, researchers, operators and equipment manufacturers are brought together. A particularly attractive aspect, which we also feature in MEI Conferences, is that coffee and lunch breaks are held in the exhibition area, so that networking is encouraged.

There has been quite a bit of concern expressed among current exhibitors that the exhibition area in New Delhi in 2012 will be 4km from the congress and that the ethos of the IMPC may be compromised. The themes of the exhibition are also worrying, including casting machines, drilling equipment, earthmoving equipment, explosives and many other non-mineral processing topics.

On behalf of the exhibitors I expressed my concern to the organising committee, and they are certainly prepared to listen. I hope to report back on any changes that are made to the current plans, which appear in the brochure available at this IMPC. I have also asked the organisers to respond to this posting, and invite comments from all potential exhibitors and delegates.


  1. IMPC 2012 which is being planned at New Delhi will have a different flavor as with any IMPC held earlier in different parts of the world. For example, IMPC 2008 was quite different from what we experienced at Istanbul in 2006 and now in Brisbane. However, we appreciate the concerns raised here. As regards the exhibition, our plan has been to showcase IMPC before a larger audience catering to a wide variety of stakeholders having specific interest in mining, minerals and metallurgical activities. The exhibition will be open to all representatives of industries who will be invited specifically to the exhibition irrespective of whether they are delegates or not. We are confident many exhibitors would like such a setting. Having said that, we would carefully examine the concerns raised here and ensure that irrespective of the venue of the exhibition and the congress there is ample opportunity for interaction and networking among the congress participants and the exhibitors.

    BK Mishra
    Chairman, Organizing Committee IMPC 2012

  2. Wish I could comment Barry, but the website doesn't work properly. All links point to "#" instead of a proper URL. Is it only my Firefox or did others also experience the problem?

    According to The World Wide Web Consortium's validator, the website's quality leaves much to be desired (Checked on 10/09/2010):

  3. You didn't leave your name, but I am at an internet terminal at Brisbane Airport and the link to the Delhi IMPC website seems fine.

  4. Barry, I too was quite shocked when we watched the video about the XXVI IMPC and became aware that the exhibition will not be held at the same venue as the program. I think the majority of suppliers will have to think seriously whether they will obtain any value from exhibiting at the event, given I feel the real value in being an exhibitor comes from the exposure and networking during the tea and lunch breaks.
    Roger Strickland, SNF Flomin, Australia

  5. Barry,
    It was great to catch up with you, and so many other Mineral Processors at the IMPC in Brisbane last week.
    Thanks for drawing my attention to the preliminary plans for the 2012 IMPC in New Delhi.
    While I do hope to attend, I share your concern about the separation of conference and exhibition venues. The Brisbane set up worked very well for delegates and exhibitors.
    I have travelled to India three times now. From my experience, a short 4km trip by bus, taxi and rickshaw to be quite a challenge due to the traffic.
    I worry that many delegates will not make the trip more than once, if at all, and would urge the conference organizers to provide exhibitors with an alternative venue closer to the Hotel Ashok.
    Andy Stradling,
    Consulting Metallurgist, Teck Metals Ltd.

  6. Dear Anon (of 9th September)
    You appear to be quite right regarding the IMPC website- none of the links work. I only checked the main page at Brisbane airport. I will point this out to the organisers


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