Friday, 17 September 2010

The continuing success story of Australia’s JKMRC/JKTech

There is news today of the new joint venture company formed between JKTech and InfoMine, another chapter in the continuing success story of the JKMRC and its offshoot the JKTech.

The Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) grew from an initial research team formed in the 1960s. It was officially established as a University Centre of The University of Queensland in 1970, with a goal to develop practical technical solutions for large-scale mining and minerals industry challenges. Its first Director was Prof. Alban Lynch, one of this year’s recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the IMPC.

In 1986, JKTech was established to take viable JKMRC research outcomes and deliver technology and solutions to the international minerals industry. In 2001 JKTech Pty Ltd was incorporated and the company now provides a range of innovative solutions aimed at increasing productivity and metal recovery. These specialist products and services include consulting, software, equipment, laboratory services and knowledge transfer.

JKMRC and JKTech have a very strong presence at all major mineral processing conferences, including the recent IMPC in Brisbane. The picture below shows the strong contingent at the Mill Operators’ Conference in 2009. Second from the right is Tim Napier-Munn, the 3rd Director of JKMRC.

JKMRC and JKTech have been strong supporters of MEI Conferences over the years, and technology transfer manager Sarah Schwarz writes “JKTech has supported MEI and MEI conferences for many years as we believe MEI provides effective contact with relevant people across all disciplines in the mining industry. Sponsoring MEI conferences gives JKTech the opportunity to highlight our quality solutions and technology tools to assist in improving processes throughout the mine value chain. MEI is well respected for being technically relevant and up to date with the latest innovations across the minerals industry, and JKTech is proud to be associated with MEI.”

Sara, we thank you for this, which is most appreciated, and we are also proud of our long and continuing association with the JK.

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  1. Its nice to see JKTech and Infomine coming together. As a person who was assosiated with JK Tech (I recall my assosiation with Mr Chris Bailey and Dr Glen Corder ) during some part of my career and my grinding model development work done with them, I feel doubly happy.
    Rangarajan Srinivasa, RAK Minerals & Metals, UAE


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