Monday, 7 December 2020

IMPC Distinguished Service Award to Prof. Eric Forssberg

It was a pleasure to hear that Prof. Eric Forssberg has been awarded the International Mineral Processing Council's Distinguished Service Award (DSA).

I know from my own experience of winning this award in 2014 how proud Eric must feel, and ironically it was he who presented me with the award in Santiago-Chile.

Prof Eric Forssberg presents me with the DSA in 2014,
watched by Profs. Yoon, Yianatos and O'Connor

Eric now becomes one of the three living recipients of this coveted award, Prof. Douglas Fuerstenau winning the award in 2018.
Chile 2014 with Profs. Forssberg and Fuerstenau
Eric Forssberg has enjoyed an outstanding and distinguished career in the field of Mineral Processing.  He has served as a full professor of mineral processing at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden since 1974. He has a PhD in mineral processing from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden and served as dean of the faculty of engineering for the period of 1980-1990.
For the purposes of the present nomination for the IMPC Distinguished Service Award Professor Forssberg attend his first Congress in Leningrad in 1968 and has attended every International Mineral Processing Congress since then. He joined the Council of the IMPC in Cagliari in 1974 and served as a member for 46 years until he retired from Council in 2020. He was elected as the President of the Council in Cannes in 1985 and served until 2006 in at the Congress in Istanbul. In 1988 he was chairman of the organising committee for the XVI IMPC in Stockholm, the first congress that I attended.
One for the history books:  Prof. Forssberg with 5 Lifetime Achievement Award winners,
in Quebec 2016. Profs. Janusz Laskowski (2008), Graeme Jameson (2016),
Ponisseril Somasundaran (2016), Roe-Hoan Yoon (2014) and Jim Finch (2020)

Professor Forssberg is nominated for this Award due to his huge and distinguished contribution both to the Council over such a long period but also to the global mineral processing community in so many different ways. 

I look forward to seeing Eric and his wife Ebba when he is presented with his award at the XXXI IMPC in Melbourne in August 2022.

Ebba and Eric Forssberg in Cape Town in November last year



  1. Congratulations Prof Eric for this great achievement and wish you receive many more ..,


  2. My hearty congratulations to Prof.Prof.Forssberg for this well deserved Honour--another legend in our Profession.
    Glad IMPC is recalling the contributions of these GREATS .
    Happy to see Soma --"how are you Soma?"

  3. Congratulations Prof. Forssberg and thanks for your services for the international mineral processing community. When I stumbled in this comminuty 8 years ago I was told by many of your fellows who I had the pleasure to meet and work with what a wonderful job you have done in the past and I very much enjoyed your papers when I was learning about mineral processing. You are an inspiration for us younger researchers in the field and I wish you all the best.
    Thanks Barry for the very nice presentation of the IMPC 2020 DSA recipient in this special year without an IMPC get together.


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