Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Season's Greetings from MEI

By any standards 2020 has been an awful year, but as it draws to a close we hope that 2021 will lead us back along the road to normality.

This will be a low-key time of year for most, but whether you celebrate Christmas or not we would like to wish you all sincere best wishes for the holiday season and for the New Year to come.


  1. Let me join you in wishing our fraternity "all he best" in the year to come.BE POSITIVE, THINK POSITIVE and RADIATE POSITIVE ENERGY.

  2. Hope a fruitful and healthy next year 2021 .Hope Mining and Mineral industry will show improvement in coming days

  3. Let me join others in wishing you and the rest of the MEI team a peaceful holiday season and all the best for 2021. Although 2020 has been a challenging year in so many aspects, I am grateful for the many learning and growth opportunities.

    Best wishes to everyone reading Barry's blog.
    Hanna Horsch

    1. Thanks Hanna. Sorry we won't be catching up, as usual, at the SME meeting in Denver next year. Hopefully the following year! Best wishes for 2021 and beyond


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