Thursday, 23 May 2019

Evening drinks with two regular conference sponsors

Meanwhile, back in Falmouth, I strolled down to the Chain Locker last night for a couple of pints with old friends from Cornish company Grinding Solutions Ltd (GSL), sponsors of Comminution '20, and Maelgwyn Mineral Services (MMS), sponsors of Flotation '19.
L-R: Mike Battersby (MMS), Felicity and Nick Wilshaw (GSL), Peter Sullivan, Heiner Sprenger, Rainer Imhoff (MMS), BW and Steve Flatman (MMS)
MMS are down from Wales to assess the progress in the installation of a pilot scale Imhoflot™ G Cell at GSL, which will be available for metallurgical testwork. We will hear more of this at Flotation '19. MMS will also be delivering an Aachen Shear Reactor testwork rig to GSL for determining the benefits of pre-oxidation and kinetic enhancement of gold cyanidation.
With the Imhoflot flotation cell at GSL
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