Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Energy will be a major feature at Comminution '20

It is well known that comminution is the most energy intensive of all mineral processing operations. The greater proportion of lower grade and more complex mineralogical ore resources exploited has exacerbated this over time and energy per tonne processed from the mine, and finer grinding for liberation of values from gangue, have been driving this trend. In his keynote lecture at Comminution '20 Chris Rule will show how, despite some new emerging technologies gaining a foothold in the industry, progress in limiting this higher energy intensive trend has been small, as the reluctance of industry to move away from established flowsheets and to new combinations of processes remains the single largest barrier to change.  Chris will discuss recent trends in new concept flowsheets and will ask where will the major changes be seen in the near future.
In a second keynote lecture Dr. Mike Daniel will also discuss comminution energy consumption and efficiency and place it into perspective. More specifically it will present how much electrical energy is consumed in the production of various metalliferous and non-metalliferous commodities.
Mike will show how today’s comminution energy issues are perhaps more related to the cost associated in the production of the electricity/energy and the region where it is being supplied, with energy supply being the key issue rather than efficiency and energy savings. This suggests that an eco-comminution approach in the context of the source of energy generated for comminution should be considered rather than “energy curve” and “cost” benchmarking. This presents an alternative outlook to current thinking and an opportunity to evaluate how sensitive energy consumption relates to project economics.
Equipment capital costs that are engineered within an existing energy paradigm can only be altered through innovation. With this in mind, Mike will describe a potential revolutionary new comminution device (eHPCC) that is currently being developed.
Mike Daniel has extensive experience in the design and application of High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) technology and conventional SAG grinding. He is currently working as an independent grinding circuit consultant based in Australia, via one of two business entities, CMD Consulting Pty Ltd (since 2007) and Daniel and Morrell Comminution Consulting (DMCC) Pty Ltd. (since 2012).
Mike is also principal consultant for the Chinese mill manufacturer Citic-SMCC Pty Ltd that holds the parent licencing intellectual property (IP) that is used and owned by DMCC. This IP, which has been internationally recognised, was developed by Dr. Steve Morrell of SMC testing Pty Ltd.

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  1. It is nice to note that comminution and enrgy consuption and related topis would be looked from different perspectives --gives us how to look at total picture.
    Looking forward to more details


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