Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Recent Developments and Future of Modelling in Mineral Processing

Dr. Paul Cleary is a very familiar face at MEI and other major conferences around the world. A Chief Research Scientist at Australia's CSIRO Data61, he is a world-renowned expert on particle based modelling for industrial, geophysical and biophysical applications, including simulation of rock and slurry flow in mills. We are very privileged, therefore, to have Paul present a keynote lecture "Recent developments and future of modelling in mineral processing using particle methods" at Computational Modelling '19 in Falmouth next June.
Particle based modelling is well suited to predicting complex multiphase flows within mineral extraction processes. Applications include comminution with particle breakage and flow in crushers and particle breakage and slurry transport within mills and separation, both wet and dry, by screens. In such models the coarser particulate phases are represented by DEM (Discrete Element Method) and the finer slurry or powder phases by SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics). Emerging opportunities also exist in flotation where discrete phases for bubbles and particles can be coupled to continuous free surface liquid phases. These models have become quite sophisticated and continue to increase in the range of scales modelled and the fidelity of the physics represented as computer power continues to rise and computational modelling codes continue to develop.
Dr. Cleary's presentation will showcase a range of leading edge application examples of this modelling and discuss the increasing role of hybrid and multiscale methods.

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