Friday, 23 November 2018

Day 2 of Hi-Tech Metals '18 and the end of a great week at the Vineyard

The final day of Hi-Tech Metals '18 began with a morning of six presentations, from Brazil, France, Canada, Finland, Germany and South Africa, on lithium processing, particularly from hard rock ores and the recycling of batteries. Traditionally, lithium has been obtained from brines, however, the expected increase in demand for electric vehicles will require new hard rock deposits to be found and exploited, the main mineral containing lithium in pegmatite hard rock deposits being spodumene. 
The final session of four presentations, from Australia, Germany, USA and Canada dealt with cobalt, rhenium and niobium, after which Amanda Wills summarised the conference and invited everyone to the gardens once more for a farewell wine function.
It has been a great week at the Vineyard, and our attention now turns to the next MEI Conferences, Computational Modelling '19 and Physical Separation '19, which will be held in Falmouth, Cornwall next June. The final calls for abstracts will be announced tomorrow.
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  1. Great to have my PhD supervisor Brent Hiskey and his wife Margaret finally visiting Africa! Lovely to catch up with them again.


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