Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Process Mineralogy '18: the final day

An interesting day acting as a prelude to tomorrow's Hi-Tech Metals conference, with papers on the process mineralogy of rare earths, lithium, and metals such as germanium and gallium recovered as by-products of base metal mining. The day began with an excellent keynote from Frances Wall, of Camborne School of Mines, UK, on common problems - and progress towards solutions - in the process mineralogy of rare earths.
Frances Wall with Petra Dinham and Desh Chetty of South Africa
At the end of the day Megan Becker briefly summarised the conference before MEI's Amanda invited everyone back to Cape Town again in November 2020 for Process Mineralogy '20. And then out into the hotel gardens for a farewell wine function, where we were joined by some of tomorrow's Hi-Tech Metals delegates.
Thanks once again to our sponsors, chairpersons, presenters and delegates for making this such a worthwhile conference. A full technical report on Process Mineralogy '18 will be published on the blog in a couple of weeks time.
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