Thursday, 30 November 2017

Graeme Jameson in Germany

I have received this email from Dr. Martin Rudolph, Head of Department at Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, Germany:
"... I would like to share impressions from Prof. Graeme Jameson’s visit to Dresden and Freiberg last week from Wednesday night until Friday morning. Noteworthy are his meetings with older flotation experts in Freiberg besides us from Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf showing him our recent flotation research topics at the Institute of Fluid Dynamics (Prof. Kerstin Eckert’s labs) in Dresden and the flotation labs at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg (HIF). Below is a picture of Graeme (81) with Prof. Heinrich Schubert (91) at Schubert’s place. The other picture shows Graeme with Horst Plate, a former member of Dr. Hans Joachim Schulze’s group at the FIA in Freiberg. Graeme discussed theoretical aspects of detachment mechanisms with him after he was looking for some of his references in preparation of a review article.
Profs. Jameson and Schubert

Graeme with Horst Plate
It was great to have had him as our guests. We had him stay at a wonderful Dresden vineyard castle founded by British industrialists in the 19th century and enjoyed a great dinner at the famous Schiller Garten restaurant in Dresden. His approach to scientific and technical tasks including very philosophical mindset is a very impressing example of a personality to us. I feel very humbled to have the opportunity to learn from those people.
With that being said I also would like to thank you again for a wonderful Flotation conference in Cape Town. It would not have been possible for me with Flotation’13 and ‘15 to get to know the community that well and interact with the people, for until my PhD I have been active in an entirely different scientific community".
Thankyou for sharing this Martin. As I mentioned in my posting of 13th November, Graeme Jameson is truly inspirational; a great scientist who is also great company- the MEI team will always remember eating pizza with him a couple of weeks' ago in the Cavendish Mall close to the Vineyard Conference Centre!
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  1. Dear respect Jameson,
    I feel proud to see you. When I met you in INDIA in Chennai from that date I feel like working with you. To tell you something new I have developed a Miracle process of eliminating Intermediates locked in between bubbles. Each bubble is washed from the time it is generated till it gets separated from slurry and flotation equipment. How we can come together is the problem to explain my design.
    2nd miracle technology developed is RGBM regrind ball mill flow sheet design. Universal flow sheet design is closed circuit grinding. But my process is open circuit with quality of out puts and its distribution in circuit where and how. It will not only improve grinding efficiency but also improves recovery too. It can be applied to COAL also.
    Kindly reply to my e mail ID
    I have worked in Pb Zn Concentrator in VEDANTA INDIA for 24 years ad Head & R&D. Erected and commissioned column flotation project automated.
    Sivarao India GOA
    Camp USA

  2. Great to see the continued interest and activity.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Prof. Jameson is a legend in the Australian minerals processing industry (coal and non-ferrous metals). I've never had the privilege of meeting him, but I have had the privilege of working with various generations of the Jameson Cell technology. Mt Isa; Laos; Zambia; excellent technology. I admire his life's work as an engineer and the sheer elegance / simplicity of the design. Beats Outukumpu tank cells in terms of aesthetics every time.


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