Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Flotation '17: Day 2

Capetonians have been praying for desperately needed rain and this morning they got it, which meant that staying indoors for today's 17 papers was an attractive option.

Not our usual view from the Vineyard conference centre
The exhibition area was also buzzing during the coffee and lunch breaks, and it was nice to welcome Prof. J-P Franzidis as a visitor. J-P was a former MEI consultant, and spent most of his career at the University of Cape Town. He is now with Australia's University of Queensland.

Former MEI flotation consultant J-P Franzidis (right) with current consultant Jim Finch

The inclement weather did not detract from a great evening at the conference dinner at Lagoon Beach, with its wonderful view of Table Mountain and the City Bowl across Table Bay. Good food, music, wine, and most importantly, great company.

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  1. Great to see congress is progressing.
    Like most of the observers from afar I look forward to the publishing of papers form the conference!
    It will be most useful to see if participants post any observations on their learnings, comments & critiques.


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