Saturday, 20 August 2016

The south bank of the Helford River

The stretch of the Helford River between Helford Village and Gillan Creek is a relatively easy, if not particularly inspiring, 3 mile walk. Much of the coastal path lies under the dense canopy of woodland along the bank of the river, which clears only occasionally to provide views of the secluded beaches and rocky inlets between the village and the mouth of the river at Nare Head.
The view of Helford Passage on the north bank from Helford Village
Nare Head
Arriving a Gillan Creek, the only viable option, rather than a long detour inland, was a wade across the creek, but as this was not possible due to the state of the tide, I retraced my steps from here.
Gillan Creek
This is not a walk that I would strongly recommend to anyone visiting Cornwall. The Helford River is certainly beautiful, but the north bank from Helford Passage to Falmouth is by contrast one of the most scenic on the south coast.
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