Friday, 26 August 2016

Memories of Minerals Engineering '96

With Nick and Pauline Clarke of CSM Associates Ltd

Minerals Engineering '96, organised with CSM Associates Ltd, shortly before the birth of MEI, was our first venture into Australia, and it began in Brisbane 20 years ago today.

Below are a few of the photographs from our archives. I remember some of the names and faces, but not all, so maybe you could help in putting names to some of the faces.

Tim Napier-Munn at the registration desk

BW, Tony and Jennie Holland-Batt, John Mosher, Barbara Wills

Jim Watson, Barbara, Ted Bearman, BW, ?, ?, ?

Nick Welham, Jannie van Deventer, BW, Mark Hargrave

Ted Bearman, BW, Martin Moloney, Claire Bearman, Alan Fearon and Nick Clarke
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  1. It is indeed a good collection, Barry.

  2. Barry. In the photo with you and I in the middle, the gentleman on the far right is David Denlay and then in the photo of you, Barbara, Jim Watson and co at the dinner table, the gentleman in the foreground on the left nearest the camera is Rolf Fandrich. I'm not sure where you keep finding the photos, but keep it up. By the way, do you have any from the very first comminution event you organized at CSM ? All the best. Ted

    1. Hi Ted. We have a huge archive of photos to delve into, but only one from Comminution '99. Were you at that one? I believe the bottom photo was taken round at your place in Brisbane? Hope to see you and Claire at Comminution '18

    2. Barry. Yup. I was there in '89. I think from memory, my first ever conference presentation. You are spot-on, that photo was taken at the BBQ that we hosted at home in 1996. In the end I think about 20 people attended - it was a good night. Unfortunately, no guarantees on Comminution '18, but it is a possibility. All the best. Ted


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