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Around Porthcurno

The rugged cliffs composed of the Land's End Granite intrusion

The one and a half mile stretch of coast between the beaches of Pedn Vounder at Treen Cliff and Porthchapel is arguably one of the most beautiful in Cornwall, with three stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise water. The coastal path is high above the beaches, but there is access to each of them with great viewpoints for photographers.
Walking the coastal path above the beaches
Pedn Vounder is one of Cornwall's most photographed beaches with the granite cliffs of Treryn Dinas to the east, on which is perched the famous Logan Rock, a rectangular block of granite which weighs about 70 tons, and which can be rocked back and forth by one person.
Treryn Dinas and Logan Rock at the eastern end of Pedn Vounder beach
Pedn Vounder beach
A short distance from Treen is the equally beautiful Porthcurno beach, which has the added bonus of being situated below one of Cornwall's icons, the Minack Theatre, an ampitheatre constructed within the granite rocks, and listed as one of the world's most spectacular theatres.
Porthcurno Beach
Minack Theatre, Porthcurno
(Photo source unknown)
A short, but more strenuous, walk from Porthcurno beach takes us to the picturesque sandy cove of Porthchapel.
Porthchapel beach
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