Thursday, 5 November 2015

Wolfgang Baum inducted into International Mining Technology Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Dr Wolfgang Baum, who is the exploration inductee for the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame for 2015. Wolfgang has contributed to many MEI Conferences, in flotation, biohydrometallurgy and process mineralogy, and was a keynote speaker at Process Mineralogy '12 in Cape Town.
He has around 40 years of experience as a process mineralogist in the mining industry. He has worked for Hazen Research, Texasgulf, St. Joe Minerals Corporation, and Pittsburgh Mineral & Environmental Technology. From 1999 to 2011 he established and managed state-of-the-art Material Characterization Labs at the Technology Center of Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold and its predecessor Phelps Dodge Mining Company including robotics lab modules for mineralogy and chemical analyses. In 2011, he joined FLSmidth as Director – Ore Characterization in Salt Lake City focusing on Process Mineralogy for minerals engineering metallurgical services and the expanded use of lab automation in mining.  
Wolfgang Baum (right) at the FLSmidth booth in Seattle, 2012
Dr. Baum pioneered the first commercial installation of QEMSCAN technology in the USA, operating five QEMSCAN systems in Arizona, and two at a mine site in Peru. He is an innovator in the integration of mineralogical analyses into geo-metallurgical programs for several base metal mining operations in the USA and overseas.
He has authored over 70 technical papers, hold two patents, and received the James Douglas Gold Medal award from SME in 2009. He left FLSmidth at the end of June and has formed a consulting company Ore & Plant Mineralogy LLC.


  1. Dr. Baum,
    My hearty congratulations for the well deserved honour. I am particularly glad the mineral industry has honoured a person for his contribution towards mineralogy, a subject very vital but grossly neglected.

  2. Congratulations to Wolfgang - the process mineralogy community really honours your contributions to the field, for which this award is a really fitting form of recognition!

  3. Congratulations Wolfgang -You have been a true leader and trail blazer for us! (but it's not always easy to follow in your footsteps though!) this is my favourite quote that subtly sums your contribution to our industry that I use frequentlty...

    'When the economic losses caused by poor ore characterization, insufficient hardness profiling, excessive reagent consumption, underperforming flow-sheets and related costly post start-up ‘de-bottlenecking’ (or a combination thereof) are considered, the
    expenditure is a small price to pay… '

    all the best, Dee

  4. Dear Wolfgang,
    We love you. You dared to develop such innovative technologies to help the society to enjoy their daily life. In-spite of this the whole world is blaming Mining Community and connected Branches. Let us teach the whole world that if minerals are not exploited they can not drive a CAR, live in beautiful houses. I am proud to be a mineral engineer. Great achievement.
    Great contribution. We love to be Mineral engineers, and feel proud to be part of developing community for the sake of Human progress.
    Regards and best wishes.
    Shiv Shankar Enterprises. MIneral Process, Engineering and Technology Development Consultants (36 years experience in mineral industry)
    Goa INDIA E.Mail ID

  5. Well done Wolfgang, congratulations!


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