Thursday, 19 November 2015

Happy hours at Flotation '15

We are now into the final session of Flotation '15 and the feedback is that this has been a fine conference with some outstanding presentations.

It has also been a great networking event, due in no small way to the end of sessions 'happy hours', where, over a few glasses of wine, we have shared anecdotes in the magnificent Vineyard gardens at the foot of Table Mountain.


  1. Hi Barry, I missed the last happy hour because I was out doing some last minute shopping before heading back to Peru. I just wanted to say thanks so much to you, Jon and Amanda for the great conference. It was a great week in Cape Town and even my missing luggage didn't ruin the fun. Roger tells me he had a blast and I have high hopes of getting him back here for the next one! cheers to all who helped make this happen!

  2. Thank you all for a great gathering of the 'Flotation" tribe - to those who made it happen - the MEI team and the Vineyard hpotel as well as everyone to travelled to participate - and we look forward to seeing you next time, manwhile trust you have taken someting of value back home...


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