Monday, 27 April 2015

More progress on Sustainable Minerals '16

It's good to be able to report more progress on next year's Sustainable Minerals '16 conference (see also posting of 13th April).

Mike Battersby of Maelgwyn Mineral Services Ltd, UK, and a Director of the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC) will present a keynote lecture "Best practice in efficient mineral processing – comminution energy curves".

Mineral processing consumes up to 50% of the electrical energy on a mine site.  Optimised energy use is crucial to sustainable mineral processing.  The CEEC initiated a global study to benchmark comminution energy consumption across different mine sites that guaranteed anonymity of this comprehensive and previously undocumented mine-specific data. The comminution energy per unit metal produced is benchmarked and presented in a graphical form similar to a cost curve. 

Mike will show how CEEC’s energy curves profile the specific energy used in processing operations and provide reliable benchmarking data that allows individual mines to assess their current operational energy consumption against their peers. The energy curve highlights the benefits of efficient energy utilisation as a cost saving by moving “down the curve” into more cost-efficient operating regimes. Application of the curves to sustainability in mineral processing will be supported with case studies.

Mike Battersby has been a well known face at many MEI Conferences. He is the the co-founder and Managing Director of Maelgwyn Mineral Services Ltd based in Cardiff, Wales, a company that has been providing award winning innovative solutions in mineral processing for over 18 years. Prior to this he had many years operating experience in Africa, South America and Australia resulting in over 35 years of working in the mining industry.

Also of note is that a special issue of Minerals Engineering has just been published, containing 18 selected papers from last year's sustainable minerals conference (SRCR '14) in Falmouth.

If you would like to present a paper at Sustainable Minerals '16, and have your work considered for the special issue of Minerals Engineering, short abstracts should be submitted no later than the end of December.


  1. Dear Barry

    It is great that Mike is part of our programme of Sustainable Minerals '16.

    Kind regards


  2. Yes, Markus, with Mike Battersby and Robin Batterham as keynote speakers, the conference is certainly off to a great start


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