Thursday, 23 April 2015

8th edition of Mineral Processing Technology now in press

Wills Mineral Processing Technology 8th edition

I am pleased to announce that the 8th edition of Mineral Processing Technology is expected to be released in early October.

This is a major update of the book, which first appeared in 1979, and I thank Prof. Jim Finch and his team at McGill University, Canada for continuing the fine work that Prof. Tim Napier-Munn's group at the JKMRC in Australia put into producing the 7th edition nine years ago.

Full details including pre-ordering information are available on the Elsevier website.


  1. Congrats, Barry. I am sure the New Edition would be of great value to all of us and students in particular.

  2. I hope so TC. Many thanks

  3. Congrats to Barry, Jim and everybody else who contributed, I'm looking forward to getting my copy. I used the blue 5th edition when I was in university.

    P.S. I saw this post and was feeling nostalgic so I just grabbed my 5th off the shelf. I didn't realize it before but I just love how you put "(In SI/Metric Units)" on the cover! Ha!

  4. Many thanks Peter. First time I have noticed that on the cover. In fact on every edition up to 5th. See you at Flotation '15

  5. Hi Barry. Just tried to order your book through the Elsevier website, but unfortunately they do not ship to South Africa - or anywhere else in Africa - so we are unable to take advantage of the nice discount! This is a real pity, especially with so much activity in this region these days.

    1. Sorry to hear that, Kathy. It seems very strange, but if that is the case, try Amazon, you may het a good deal there


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