Saturday, 14 March 2015

Student reunion after 35 years

Barbara and I were privileged last night to be invited to the reunion of CSM's class of 1980, which was held at Falmouth's beautiful The Cove restaurant.

1980 was one of my favourite years at Camborne, as many of the graduates that year were involved with my sporting activities, particularly squash, cricket and sub-aqua. They were a fun bunch, and now 35 years later, with a few grey hairs, they still are, as was very evident last night. Many thanks must go to Felicity Wilshaw of Grinding Solutions, for organising the reunion dinner.

Sports stars of 1980

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  1. Thanks Barry. The 1980 graduates are a very special bunch and always lots of fun and thank you all for coming from all over the World to make a very memorable weekend.

    Flee Wilshaw


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