Thursday, 5 March 2015

Special Comminution issue of Minerals Engineering published

Now available on ScienceDirect is the special issue of comminution, containing 14 of the 71 papers presented at last year's Comminution '14, including Tim Napier-Munn's keynote Is progress in energy efficient comminution doomed?

Now we look towards the next event Comminution '16, which will be held in Cape Town again in April 2016.

A new feature at this conference will be a session devoted to short presentations (maximum 10 minutes) from operators, describing how innovative techniques have benefited their circuits. Although short abstracts will be required, we will not require the presenters to submit draft papers.

Two well known comminution experts will present keynote lectures at Comminution '16. The first keynote lecture "Improving Comminution Efficiency - Old Ideas and New Designs" will be given by Joe Pease, of Mineralurgy Pty Ltd, Australia (see posting of 15th January for details).

The second keynote lecture "Comminution modelling in the context of integrated process prediction" will be given by Prof. Malcolm Powell of the JKMRC, Australia. Malcolm specialises in mill liner design, charge motion and DEM modelling, SAG mill modelling, and classification, with a strong link into applying the research knowledge in extensive site work and consulting to industry. The work aims to link fundamental research into applied outputs through the development of practical and robust process models.

Current corporate support for Comminution '16

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  1. And Volume 136 of International J. of Mineral Processing is a special issue containing 11 papers from the 2013 European Symposium on Comminution and Classification


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