Thursday, 5 February 2015

ZEISS weighs in with major corporate support for MEI Conferences

The ZEISS Mineralogic Mining was launched in July last year (MEI Online), and was showcased at Process Mineralogy '14. It  provides fully quantitative evaluation during ore exploration, recovery and tailings-control processes, enabling the mining industry to maximize the recovery of natural resources.
The ZEISS Mineralogic Mining demonstrated at Process Mineralogy '14
The launch of Mineralogic Mining marked an important return to the mining sector for ZEISS, and we are pleased that this major company, with its long standing reputation for excellence, is throwing its weight behind MEI Conferences, providing corporate support for four upcoming events, Precious Metals '15 in Falmouth, and Flotation '15, Comminution '16 and Process Mineralogy '17 in Cape Town.
We are delighted that a company which is held in such high esteem recognises the quality of our events, and we thank the ZEISS team for its support and interest.

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