Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Size Analysis on your smartphone- too good to be true?

Has anyone tried the RHEWUM SizeChecker App, which is now freely available at the App Store?

Apparently the new SizeChecker App enables you to determine the size distribution of particles by using the camera of your smartphone. Via the picture of the particles of interest you will receive all important information on the grain size distribution.

If you have tried it, let us know your views.


  1. Tried it, no luck here.

    You have to print out a sheet with a square on it, then take a photo of particles in this square using the guide on your smartphone screen. This then gets sent off for image analysis (so you need an internet connection) and you get results back.

    I printed of the piece of paper, put a set of -45 +32 mm particles on and took several photos. Every time the position of the square in the photos is offset to where I see it on the screen so that didn't work properly. When I sent a photo off for the analysis it came back with 0% between the size range I tried. Maybe it needs separated particles, but it definitely is not something I will use again.

  2. I also had the photo offset, however I was able to get around it by taking the photo offset and allow it to move back into the square. It seemed to work better if you take the photo from further away. it was very good at picking up the size of ceramic balls, but I tried a pyrite composite particle and it picked up all the little shiny bits. I think I could get around this by choosing the screen range better. all in all, a bit frustrating by having to have a printout, but better than nothing. also, the sound recorder and strobe should also be useful to identify mill speed and potentially assess filling within the mill or ball impact on the mill shell. but that is unproven.


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