Friday, 16 August 2013

A new member of the Minerals Engineering Editorial Board

China’s Tsinghua University is one of the top Universities in the world, recently being ranked world number 31 by The Times Educational Supplement. This university, raised amid the Qing Dynasty's ruins in 1911, was initially financed by US-imposed indemnities after the 1900's Boxer Rebellion. Its professors are highly esteemed: 36 are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 32 belong to the Academy of Engineering. Of its 28,000 students, 2,400 hail from overseas.
So it is with great pleasure that we welcome Dr.Yuande Zhou, of Tsinghua University, who will represent China on the Editorial Board of Minerals Engineering. I met Dr. Zhou in June, when he made a very impressive presentation on coal-particle fragmentation efficiency in a roller pulveriser at Computational Modelling ’13.

With Dr. Zhou in Falmouth
Dr. Zhou is an Associate Professor of Geotechnical Engineering. Prior to joining Tsinghua University in 2010, he worked as a Postdoc fellow at The University of Hong Kong, having earned his Bachelor and PhD degrees from Tsinghua University in 1999 and 2004, respectively. Dr. Zhou is interested in solving problems that involve damage and fracture of continuum, transport of heat, mass, and momentum, particle breakage and comminution, etc, using various computational methods such as finite element, meshless methods, and discrete element methods. His recent research effort is to use statistic approaches and multi-scale models to address the mobilization mechanism of fine coal particles in pulverisers. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation of China and industry.
I look forward to working with Dr. Zhou, and to seeing him at many more MEI Conferences.

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