Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nchanga Metallurgists Rugby XV, 1972

Some time ago (posting of 31st July 2012) I posted a photograph of the motley Nchanga Metallurgists rugby XV, taken in 1972.

I received another photo of the crew today from Sue Silcock (she was Sue Glass in 1972), and this one has names:

Back row: Alan Milligan, Phil Cudby, Barry Wills, Tony Jones, Dick Rushmore, Chris Morley, Stuart Mellor, Doug Edmunds, Giles Day, Brian Griffiths
Front Row: Sandy Lambert, Martin Baines, John Farthing, Alistair Scott, Geoff Davies

A few of those in the photo I have heard of since; Phil Cudby, Stuart Mellor, Doug Edmunds, Giles Day and Sandy Lambert I mention in the previous posting. Dick Rushmore was a concentrator metallurgist, and Tony Jones plant metallurgist on the tailings leach plant. I worked with both of them, but have heard nothing of them since leaving Zambia in 1973. Chris Morley is a principal process consultant at Ausenco in Australia, and has attended a couple of recent MEI Conferences.

Any news on any of these people would be very welcome.


  1. Tony Jones was manager at Anglo plats base metals refinery for many years until he retired about 5 years ago. I'll try Anglo Plats for a current location but believe still in the Rustenburg area, fit and healthy last time I saw him just after he had retired.
    Sandy Lambert, South Africa

  2. Barry - Yes, I am still living in Rustenburg as per Sandy's note. Retired on a Friday and back to work as a Consultant on the following Monday ! That was six years ago.
    Tony Jones, Rustenburg.RSA

    1. Are you by any chance the Tony Jones who once lived in Monteseel, KZN and worked for Waste Tech?

  3. Good to hear from you Tony. A long time since our leach plant days! Hope to catch up with you sometime. I will be at the SAIMM Base Metals conference in September.

  4. I am in Santiago at the moment and caught up with Chris Morley and Roger Kelley. Chris informed me that Dick Rushmore sadly passed away some years ago

  5. I worked for Anglo American at Free State Geduld Gold Mine in Welkom, South Africa from 1980 to 1984. Stuart Mellor was Plant Superintendent at the South Gold Plant. Dick Rushmore came down from Zambia and was working as a Senior Plant Metallurgist at President Brand mine I believe. Happy days when the gold price was $800 an ounce. Sorry to hear of Dick's passing - he certainly knew how to have a good time.

    Chris Barlow


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